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Stream Sunday Services

For our Sunday Morning Bible Study at 9:30 am, Use the account log-in details below to view a live video stream using
Meeting ID: 1267105387 Password: jWjpsmMy837
For our Morning Worship Service (10:30 am) & Afternoon Worship Service (3:00 pm), click on the YouTube link below:
(Note: The YouTube page will load as a Playlist with past video streams saved to the listing. Click on the video with today’s date for the livestream—it should be the one furthest down on the list.)

A Message from the Pastor:

“Jesus told us: “By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.” (John 13:35)  Love, poured out on us by the Holy Spirit, is what makes Hope work. We are not trying to be the “cool” church, the “intellectually stimulating” church, or any other kind of church contrived by human wisdom. Our motto, “Friends Seeking God Together,” is not simply a catchy phrase. It’s us. We want to be a community of friends where God demonstrates His wisdom by the power of the Holy Spirit every time that we meet together. If your heart burns for this kind of place, come see if I am telling the truth or just giving you another church sales pitch. Jesus lives at Hope.”